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The fees below are subject to change without notice, please confirm with your loan officer before selecting a service.  please select and process one service at a time, please select the correct service and confirm it before going to the check out section. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact your loan officer for help at (310) 629-4407. 



Credit Report Fee (ea. person)
Credit Supplement (per tradeline)
FHA Appraisal Fee
Appraisal Re Inspection
Conventional Appraisal Fee
VA Appraisal Fee
Commercial Appraisal and Rental Survey
Commercial Appraisal $1700 Rental Survey $550
Rental Valuation Survey for Lender
Re Pull Original Credit Report
Re pulling a copy of original credit report to see if derogatory Item is removed

Note: Pop-up Blockers and Internet Browsers with high security settings can prevent the 'View Cart/Check Out window from appearing. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at your earliest convenience at (310) 629-4407 Thank You.